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Pastagem,ILP e ILPF

Title:  Use of pastures for beef cattle production in Brazil: past, present and future

Title:  Recovering Degraded Pastures in the Amazon: challenges, opportunities and perspectives

Title:  Challenges and Perspectives in the Recovery of Degraded Pastures in the Amazon

Title:  Reclaiming the Brazilian Amazon: the Restoration and Management of Pasture Lands

Title:  Direct planting of Xaraés and Piatã grasses in Acre

Title:  The path to responsible and efficient livestock farming in the Amazon

Title:  Crop-Livestock: New trends

Title:  Solutions for recurring problems in pastures in Pará

Title:  Crop Livestock Integration - A new perspective for Agriculture

Title: Brachiaria brizantha CV. Piatã: Recommended Grass for Well-drained Soils in Acre

Title:Brizantão Grass Death Syndrome in Acre: Characteristics, Causes and Technological Solutions

Title: Morphophysiological responses ofBrachiaria spp. Soil flooding and Marandu Grass Death Syndrome 

Title: Forage Options for Areas Subject to Waterlogging or Temporary Flooding

Title: Morphophysiological responses ofBrachiaria spp.. Soil flooding and Marandu Grass Death Syndrome 

Title: Etiology of Brachiaria brizantha Collection Rot in Amazonian Pastures

Title: Edaphic risk zoning for the occurrence of braquiarão death syndrome in anthropic areas of the legal Amazon

Title: Diagnosis of pasture death in the central and northern regions of the state of Mato Grosso

Title: Degradation of Braquiarão Pastures (Brachiaria brizantha CV. Marandu) in the State of Mato Grosso

Title: Zoning of current edaphic risk and potential for death of pasturesBrachiaria brizantha in Acre

Title: Research points to ways to avoid brachiaria death syndrome in Mato Grosso

Title:  Xaraés grass (Brachiaria brizantha CV. Xaraés) in the diversification of brachiaria pastures

Title:  Pasture Management Ruler

Title:  Kenya BRS grass (Panicum maximum Jacq.) in the diversification and intensification of pastures

Title:  BRS Ipyporã (“beautiful beginning” in Guarani): Brachiaria hybrid from Embrapa

Title:  Forage Plant Growth: Aspects Relative to the Accumulation and Nutrient Value of Forage

Title:   Use of Pasture Targets to Achieve Grazing Management

Title:   Pasture management

Title:   The forage plant in the production system

Title: Ecophysiology of Animal Production in Pastures and Its Implications on the Performance and Productivity of Pastoral Systems

Title:   The Pasture Ecosystem and Animal Production

Title:   BRS Paiaguás, a new force for livestock farming

Title:   Panicum maximum cv. BRS ZURI

Title: BRS Ipyporã - Brachiaria hybrid with high resistance to leafhoppers and high nutritional value

Title:   BRS Piatã - Brachiaria brizantha

Title:  Kenya BRS grass (Panicum maximum Jacq.) in the diversification and intensification of pastures

Title:   BRS Tamani, Panicum maximum hybrid forage

Title:  Xaraés - Brachiaria brizantha

Title:   BRS Zuri, production and resistance for livestock farming

Title:   Massai

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